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NOTE: It has been necessary to transfer the contents of my original website, named, to this one,, and any future creative writing will be up-loaded onto this site.

One is always told - 'Write about what you know'. I have worked as a Secretary, a Nurse, a Further Education Lecturer (Business Studies and IT) and a Teacher in a primary school. For a short time my husband and I owned a small village shop. I am lucky to have had these experiences to give me a base from which to work.

When my husband retired we had the privilege of living in France for three years, where, in the peace and tranquillity of the Limousin countryside, I was able to complete my first novel, called

A Twist of Fate

Margaret James, tutor on a Writers' News Home Study Course, guided me through parts of that work.

After returning to England and settling in Somerset I ran, for a short while, my own company in order that I could publish my novel.

My book company no longer exists and I feel the way forward is to allow access to some of my work from this site. I am pleased I can still remember enough HTML to renew some pages and create more.


The positive feedback I've received from readers has encouraged me to continue with my creative writing. Click here Testimonials to read their comments.

One tends to be a jack-of-most-trades when setting out to self-publish, but a salesperson I am not. Nevertheless, it was a great experience to achieve the completion and publication of my novel.

Click here The Limousin to read an excerpt from 'A Twist of Fate'. Matthew, an Architect, and Anna, a college lecturer in IT, are in France. Matthew has employed Anna to teach Vicki, the wife of a close friend of his, the basics of IT skills. For Anna it is a week of heightened emotions.


A Gift Most Rare

My second novel, 'A Gift Most Rare', is now finished. To read an excerpt click on The big Question in the Options Column and find out the huge responsibility Tom expects Elizabeth to take on.

Plotting for my third novel is currently in progress.


I have also had the pleasure of being part of several writing groups, as well as studying creative writing with the Open University.


My writing is very often emotionally led, and for many years I have found that early morning writing (between four and seven o'clock) is the time when I can allow my pencil to write freely and I am able to record my thoughts of the moment, with no control over spelling or having to make sense of what I write. Editing comes later. I would recommend this activity - try it and see. It is also recommended by the OU. But, I don't set my alarm clock; if I wake naturally, earlier than normal, and if I am able, I write.


Another person who overwhelms me with her creative work is my twin, Annette Hefford. Annette lives in Australia, but I am pleased that I was able to put her in touch with an English publisher, Search Press, to have her beautiful craft book published -

Knitted Pirates, Princesses, Witches, Wizards & Fairies

ISBN 978-1-84448-424-9. You will find it advertised on - books - Annette Hefford.

Click on the reference point 'Designs' to see a small selection of Annette's work. Designs


I hope you find something in my writing to interest you, and I thank you for taking the time to read it. I certainly have enjoyed the creative process, including the construction of this Website.

I am also continuing the process of editing my novels to make them available for transferring to an e-reader.

Keep browsing.

©Rosemary Kramer 2013

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